Video Game Tournament

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The Video Game Tournament invites gamers of all skill levels to compete in popular titles for ultimate bragging rights. Showcase your gaming prowess, strategy, and reflexes in intense matches, cheered on by enthusiastic crowds. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a casual player, this tournament offers excitement, fantastic prizes, and a chance to be a gaming champion! Video game to be used in the tournament to be announced soon.


first place

  • 1 free photo with voice actor of your choice
  • $25 gift card to Unlimited Video Games
  • 1 cool trophy

second place

  • 4-pack of arcade passes to Unlimited Video Games
  • 1 cool trophy

third place

  • 2-pack of arcade passes to Unlimited Video Games
  • 1 cool trophy


Rules and Guidelines

  • Game settings: Rounds: 2 out of 3 Rounds per game, 99 Seconds Time Limit
  • Control Type: Modern or Classic, motion blur OFF, Input delay reduction ON
  • 2/3 Rounds per Game
  • 2/3 Games per Set
  • 3/5 Games for all Sets in the Top 8
  • The winner must keep the character
  • The losing player may switch characters
  • Random stage selection (players may opt for an agreed stage)
  • In the event of a tied Match declared by a “Double K.O.” on the Game
    screen, the Match will not be scored and both Players will replay the
    tied Match with the same character selections and stage.
  • Illegal mods of any kind will result in immediate disqualification

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