Step into the captivating realm of Monster High at St. Pete Comic Con 2024, where the extraordinary comes to life in a celebration unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the genius of the creator and voice actors as well as freaky things like a makeover booth, cosplay contest, and scavenger hunt- all to the theme of Monster High. In addition, the creator of Monster High is signing dolls for FREE! You can bring your own doll for him to sign, or purchase a doll from one of our vendors. St. Pete Comic Con 2024 will be a Monster High Celebration! 

6 freaky things for fans

  • Meet Garrett Sander, the Monster-Mind Behind Monster High
  • Engage with Two Talented Voice Actors Portraying 15 Iconic Characters
  • Transform into Your Favorite Character at the Monster High Makeover Booth
  • Join the Insightful Monster High Celebration Panel with Voice Actors
  • Participate in the Spellbinding Monster High Freaky Cosplay Contest
  • Embark on an Adventure with the Monster High Scavenger Hunt Across the Convention

Monster High creator Garrett Sander

Renowned toy designer and visionary conceptualist Garrett Sander, the genius behind Monster High, brings an unbridled imagination and an unparalleled penchant for the extraordinary to our convention floor. His aspiration to create a toy line that defies conventions is a testament to his limitless creativity. Sander’s incredible journey from the laboratory to the hearts of fans worldwide is a testament to his extraordinary vision and dedication.

Each character meticulously crafted by Sander contributes a distinctive essence to the rich tapestry of the Monster High universe, captivating audiences with their individual narratives, idiosyncrasies, and endearing traits.

In a monumental announcement, Sander will be graciously autographing Monster High dolls for FREE at St. Pete Comic Con on both days. Attendees are invited to bring their beloved Monster High dolls – Sander will sign as many as you can carry. Or you can purchase one from one of our vendors who will be stocked and ready. This rare and generous offer from a convention guest is a remarkable opportunity that will undoubtedly delight avid fans, providing significant savings while creating lasting memories.

voice actors who portray 15 characters

Alongside Garrett, immerse yourself in an interactive journey guided by two extraordinary voice actors — Karen Strassman and Cindy Robinson — who skillfully portray an astonishing 15 characters from the Monster High universe. Some of their characters include Operetta, Catrine DeMew, Elissabat, Catty Noir, Holt Hyde, Jackson Jekyll, Meowlody, Purrsephone (and others).

monster high makeover booth

Discover the enchanting allure of the Monster High Makeover Booth, where a talented artist will work her magic, transforming attendees into their beloved characters, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.  Internationally-known body painter Nicole Hays is taking appointments for Freaky makeovers- book your day/time here.

panel q&a

Immerse yourself in captivating discussions and insightful anecdotes during the Monster High Celebration panel featuring Sander, the visionary ‘monster-mind’ behind the dolls and concept, alongside Strassman and Robinson, the esteemed voices breathing life into 15 iconic characters. A must-attend event for devoted fans, offering an exclusive opportunity to delve into the creative process and behind-the-scenes tales from the creators and voices shaping the beloved Monster High universe.

freaky fashion show

Unleash your creativity and embrace the extraordinary at the Monster High Freaky Fashion Show, a cosplay contest with prizes. Cosplay Contest! Dare to showcase your most enchanting and spellbinding rendition of Monster High characters, where imagination knows no bounds. Transform into your favorite persona from the Monster High universe and step onto the stage, embodying the essence of these iconic characters. This contest invites you to bring your A-game, channeling the unique traits and quirks of these beloved figures, promising an electrifying display of creativity and fandom. The Freaky Fashion Show is on Sunday.

get tickets today!

Get tickets today for the 2024 event on January 6-7 at the St. Petersburg Coliseum. Tickets are affordable at $25 for single day, and $40 for weekend pass (prices increase $5 at door).