St. Pete Comic Con 2024 is excited for you to connect with our three remarkable cosplayer guests, each bringing a unique flair and a wealth of expertise to the event. Let’s dive into the worlds of creativity and craftsmanship showcased by these cosplay virtuosos who are set to host and judge the contests.

Willow Creative: From Digital Artistry to Real-Life Marvels

Hailing from the Netherlands and now established in the USA, Willow Creative is a seasoned professional cosplayer whose expertise is as diverse as it is awe-inspiring. Leveraging a background in game art, this talented artist employs cutting-edge techniques like digital patterning and 3D printing in crafting elaborate costumes. With skills in sewing, foamsmithing, wigs, animatronics, and electronics, Willow’s creations bring fictional characters to life with stunning precision. Their generosity extends to the community, offering patterns and DIY kits via their popular YouTube channel boasting nearly 350k subscribers. Willow’s Instagram following of 224k is a testament to their influence and artistry in the cosplay realm.

The Star Cos: Redefining Cosplay with a Unique Twist

At just 18 years old, The Star Cos is redefining cosplay by infusing her distinctive style into beloved characters. Drawing inspiration from drag and high fashion, her cosplays boast originality and a fresh take on classic personas. The accolades garnered, including the Best in Snow title at Holiday Matsuri 2022 and a Judge’s Award at Spooky Empire 2022, underscore her talent and innovation. With a massive following of over 1 million on TikTok and 82,000 on Instagram, she captivates audiences with her extraordinary creations and inventive interpretations.

Avera Cosplay: A Connoisseur of Prestigious Cosplay Honors

Avera Cosplay stands tall among the nation’s elite cosplayers, boasting a record of prestigious awards from renowned conventions like DragonCon, MegaCon Orlando, and Florida SuperCon. Her craftmanship and dedication have earned her a well-deserved reputation as a leading figure in the cosplay community. Notably entrusted with leading the St. Pete Comic Con cosplay contests, Avera brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, shaping the conventions’ vibrant cosplay scene.

Additional Cosplay Guests

There are two additional guest cosplayers who will be in hosting and judging panels: Toxique0, and Nessipoodle.