St. Pete Comic Con 2022 lands best cosplayer in the South @Avera_Cosplay as guest

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One of the best cosplayers in the South, @Avera_Cosplay, is appearing at St. Pete Comic Con 2022, a two-day convention on January 8-9 that features comics, anime, science fiction and fantasy talent as well as a guest roster of Florida’s top cosplayers. Tickets include single day for $15, and weekend pass for $25.

She is at St. Pete Comic Con both days. She has a booth and welcomes your questions! And she is participating in a panel for beginner cosplayers. 

@Avera_Cosplay at St Pete Comic Con 2022
St. Pete Comic Con logo


@Avera_Cosplay’s awards are from prestigious conventions

The largest cons in the nation, including Megacon Orlando and Dragon Con in Atlanta, as well as larger Florida conventions, like Tampa Bay Comic Convention and Florida Supercon, have recognized @Avera_Cosplay’s extraordinary cosplay.

For example, she recently won the Cosplay Central Crown Championship at Florida Supercon, making her the representative from the South in the national cosplay competition. She will meet the three other winners from the East, West and Midwest at the national finals in Chicago at C2E2 in March 2022.  And that winner will go on to the world championships in London MCM.

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her cosplays and awards covered in blog

@Avera_Cosplay’s awards are profiled in a blog post by Florida Comic Cons, a news media website that covers conventions and cosplayers in The Sunshine State. Below is a preview of the blog and her award-winning cosplays.

Florida Supercon: She won awards at three Florida Supercon events: 2021, 2019, and 2018.

Megacon Orlando / Megacon Tampa Bay: She has awards from three Megacon events, two in Orlando (2021, 2019) and one held in Tampa (2018).

Dragon Con: She won four awards: Two in 2021, one in 2019, and a Bunny Hutch award in 2020. (Bunny Hutch is the Thursday night kickoff event for Dragon Con)

Ultimate Cosplay: She won an award in 2020.

BlizzCon: She won an award in 2020.

Florida Comic Cons logo transparent

Florida supercon

2021 crown champion: Wahammer mercy from Overwatch

Florida Supercon Crown Champion
(photo credit: Tonya Barnes Photography. Based on Artwork by GladzyKei)

2019 best journeyman group: Sugar Plum Fairy from Overwatch

Mercy Sugar Plum Fairy @Avera_Cosplay
(photo credit: JHern Photography)

2018: Best Novice Group: She-Ra, Princess of Power from He-Man

Best Novice Group
(photo credit: Mig Photography World)


Orlando 2021 Judges Choice: Dragon Mercy from Overwatch

(photo credit: Jeff Jenkins)

Orlando 2019 Fan Favorite” maleficent from sleeping beauty

(photo credit: Tonya Barnes PhotoGraphy. Based on art By Zach Fischer)

Tampa Bay 2018 Best group: Mercy from Overwatch

best group


Dragon Con

2021 best use of materials: Plaguebringer from World of Warcraft

(photo credit: Tonya Barnes PhotoGraphy, Based on art By Zach Fischer)

2020 Bunny Hutch First Place: Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

(photo credit: Tonya Barnes PhotoGraphy)

2020 Bunny Hutch First Place: Belle Bunny Original Design

Bunny Hutch award
(photo credit: Tonya Barnes PhotoGraphy)

2019 Best Journeyman: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty 

Dragon Con Best Journeyman
(based on art By Zach Fischer)


ultimate online cosplay contest

2020 Masters Finalist: Ysera from World of Warcraft

Ultimate Online Contest
(photo credit: Tonya Barnes PhotoGraphy. Based on art By Zach Fischer)



2020 Top 5 Armor Finalist: Plaguebringer from World of Warcraft

(photo credit: Tonya Barnes PhotoGraphy)

Her cosplays for St. Pete Comic Con 2022

On Saturday, @Avera_Cosplay is cosplaying Polka Dot Man from Suicide Squad. And on Sunday, she is cosplaying Bowsette from Mario. 

Polka Dot Man cosplay


Check out her Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine cover

In addition to cosplay awards, @Avera_Cosplay has been featured in many magazine, including the cover of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine’s April 2020 issued titled “13 cosplayers to watch in southwest Florida. The magazine, published by Florida Comic Cons, spotlights her cosplays and shares more about her background.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine features Avera Cosplay

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