Anime voice actors, comic artists and Florida’s top cosplayers are among the guests at St. Pete Comic Con 2023. All guests are at the con both days. And guests also are participating in panels.

Voice Actors

Anime voice actor Jacob Hopkins 

  • Gumball in The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Fushi in To Your Eternity
  • Code in Boruto
  • Makoto Katai in Komi Can’t Communicate
  • Suichio Oishi from The Prince of Tennis
  • Shun Kamiya in Tribe Nine
  • Roxilious in In the Land of Leadale
  • Matahiko Nekota in Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniison
  • Axel in Dreamworks Dragons: Rescue Riders

Voice Actor Valeria Rodriguez .

  • Sucrose in Genshin Impact
  • Parona in To Your Eternity
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Kusue Hakozaki in I’m Standing On A Million Lives
  • Caustic Skies Nu Wa in SMITE
  • Rav3n the Morrigan in SMITE
  • Rachel in Guardian Tales
  • Coco in Guardian Tales

Voice Actor Chris Hackney 

  • Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact
  • Scott Fitzgerald in Bungo Stray Dogs
  • Pah-chin in Tokyo Revengers
  • Haruta Shigemo in Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Illumi in Hunter x Hunter
  • Deepa in Boruto
  • Yuito Sumeragi in Scarlet Nexus


Guest comic artist Mike Grell is famous for his work on Green Arrow, revolutionizing the iconic hero’s image. He also created Warlord and worked on Green lantern Green Arrow and Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes.  

Guest comic artist Christopher Jones is known for his work in Young Justice, Avenger’s Earths Mightiest Heroes, and Doctor Who.

Guest artist Peter Raymundo is known for his Disney animation and his beautiful children’s picture books. 


Guest cosplayer @Darklady.cosplay is famous for her World of Warcraft cosplay. With intense armor and makeup, it’s no wonder that she’s drawn the attention of thousands.

Guest cosplayer @Amazon_cosplayer from Fort Lauderdale, considered Florida’s tallest heroine copslayer. She is known for cosplaying strong women from comics and games. She has captured the hearts of thousands with her many versions of Wonder Woman and love of Red Sonja. 


Guest cosplayer @Avera_cosplay, from Fort Myers, has awards from the largest cosplay conventions in the south like Megacon in Orlando and Dragon Con in Atlanta. She’s won over 10 awards in cosplay competitions over the years and the tremendous talent is evident. She specializes in wig-styling and armor work, but is known for seeking out new skills and constantly expanding her skillset. 

Guest cosplayer @Star_cos22 is a 16-year-old cosplayer who has created a sensational following on TikTok  and Instagram, largely known for their intense makeup and a love of obscure characters. Despite being new to cosplay, @Star_cos22 won the Teen Division at MYCON 2022 back in March.