@Darklady.cosplay is a Tampa cosplayer who brings World of Warcraft characters to life. She is widely known for her portrayals from World of Warcraft, having cosplayed more than 20 characters (some characters with with multiple versions), however she’s always working to cosplay more of them.

@Darklady.cosplay will appear at St. Pete Comic Con 2023 on January 7-8 at the Coliseum, and she will be available both Saturday and Sunday for photos and autographs. 

World of Warcraft through @Darklady.cosplay

@Darklady.cosplay loves the massive world because of the different characters. “I love to learn about the characters,” she said. “The characters are so incredibly detailed in who they are I find myself drawn to their stories and how they all intertwine.” World of Warcraft also has become a source of strength and inspiration for herself. 

Below are several of @Darklady.cosplay‘s World of Warcraft cosplays. 

Nightmare Yser

Photo credit: @Operationshutter

High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind

Photo Credit: @superpowercinematics

Tyrande Whisperwind

Photo credit: @Operationshutter

Sylvanas Windrunner

Photo Credit: @superpowercinematics


Photo credit: @Operationshutter


Photo Credit: @Operationshutter

Inspired by art from: @zachfischerart

Made by: @hasenmaedchen_

Jaina Proudmoore

Photo credit: @nazariophoto


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