Fort Myers cosplayer, @Avera_cosplay is among the most talented in the South, representing the southern region in a national cosplay competition later this year. She will be one of four competing for the national title, with the winner moving into an international cosplay contest.

And she is appearing at St. Pete Comic Con 2023 on January 7-8 at the Coliseum, giving fans the opportunity to meet her. @Avera_cosplay will be running the cosplay contests at St. Pete Comic Con 2023 — Saturday is Craftsmanship and Sunday is Runway. She will be at her booth both days for photographs and autographs.

@Avera_cosplay's awaRds Timeline


Megacon Tampa 

@Avera_cosplay won “Best Group” as Mercy at Florida Supercon 2018.

Florida Supercon

@Avera_cosplay won best “Novice Group” with her husband as She-Ra, Princess of Power. Her Husband was He-Man


Florida Supercon

Sugar Plum Fairy from Overwatch won “Best Journeyman Group”

Photo credit: @Jhernphotography

Megacon Orlando

@Avera_cosplay won “Fan Favorite” for Maleficent with her husband. 

Photo credit: @tonya_barnes_photography

Based off art from: @zachfischerart

Dragon Con

@Avera_cosplay revamped Meleficent for Dragon Con and won “Best Journeyman.”

Based on art by: @zachfischerart



She was awarded “Top 5 Armor Finalist” for Plaguebringer from World of Warcraft. 

Photo credit: @tonya_barnes_photography


Florida Supercon

@Avera_cosplay cosplayed a mashup of Mercy from Overwatch and Warhammer. She won Cosplay Central Crown Championship. @Avera_Cosplay recievied an automatic entry to the C2E2 competition in August.

photo credit: @tonya_barnes_photography

Based on Artwork by: @GladzyKei

Megacon Orlando

Dragon Mercy from Overwatch won “Judges Choice.”

photo credit: @Jeffjenkinsphotography

Dragon Con

Plaguebringer from World of Warcraft. She was awarded “Best Use of Materials”

photo credit: @tonya_barnes_photography

Based on art By: @zachfischerart

Holiday Matsuri

A mash-up of Monster Hunter and Hydregion from Pokémon won “Best Armor.”

Photo credit: @tonya_barnes_photography

Based on art by: @moonllitart


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