St. Pete Comic Con 2023, in St. Petersburg, Florida, will be January 7-8 at the Coliseum. The event is back for its second year. Guests include voice actors, comic artists, and a few of Florida’s top cosplayers. 

Here are 7 smart reasons you should be a vendor at St. Pete Comic Con 2023!

Smart Reason #1

St. Pete Comic Con is Back and Better than Ever!

Last year was St. Pete Comic Con’s first year and it was a “super success,” according to Catalyst, with over 3500 attendees and it’s expected to grow at the 2023 event. 

St. Pete Comic Con’s main event space will once again be at the historic Coliseum, however the event is expanding to the nearby Sunshine Center to give more room for competitions and panels!

Smart Reason #2

St Pete Comic Con wants to create a fantastic vendor experience!

Last year, St. Pete Comic Con organizers had vendors fill out a survey so that we could improve the vendor experience by making the process more streamlined and, hopefully, helping vendor’s business. We’ll also continue to take feedback from Anime St. Pete in September to give us more details on what we can do to continuously improve. 

We Listen to Feedback

Last year, St. Pete Comic Con received a few responses to the survey that stated to set up process was confusing or unorganized. This year we are taking those critiques to find a more streamlined process for vendors to put their minds at ease. 

Vendor Ratings

100% of vendors responded that the overall experience was either “great” (73%) or “good” (27%). In fact the experience was so good that over 90% of vendors said they would come back to St. Pete Comic Con the next year. 


Nearly half of all vendors (47%) reported that Sales at St. Pete Comic Con were comparable to those made at larger conventions. More than half said their sales were either “higher” (27%) or “much higher) (27%) than those made at similarly sized events. 

Crowd Size

Last year was the first year of St. Pete Comic Con, and it had an amazing number of attendees. 87% of vendors were “satisfied” (20%) or “very satisfied” (67%) with the con attendancce. 

Smart Reason #3

St Pete Comic Con will be advertised locally and statewide!

St. Pete Comic Con is investing time and money into marketing and public relations. We have already planned social media posts and blogs for the months leading up to the con, so we’ll have an abundance of content to bring in fans of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and comics!

In addition, St. Pete Comic Con’s website and Florida Comic Cons, a news website that covers conventions and cosplayers, will promote the event, along with Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine, which spotlights Florida Cosplayers, including those in attendance to St Pete Comic Con 2023. 

St. Pete Comic Con 2023 will be placed on Convention Calendars, not just throughout Florida, but nationally. 

Lastly, public relations professionals will be sending news releases and reaching out to local media to garner news coverage. Check out lasts year’s news coverage here

Smart reason #4

St. Pete Comic Con's Vendor Toolkit

St. Pete Comic Con 2023 is taking after Anime St. Pete and providing a Vendor Toolkit. This is a free resource for vendors that we hope will optimize sales and promote booths.

The toolkit will provide a lists of notable characters portrayed  by the anime voice actors appearing at the con. We hope this will help guide vendors on the merchandise or artwork to exhibit. We’ll provide a list of relevant Pop figures and upcoming releases.  

St. Pete Comic Con will also provide a series of graphis for vendors to promote their convention attendance. All graphics are designed to be customized by the vendors to include their logo. Graphics are sized to fit Instagram (1080×1080).

The St. Pete Comic Con digital program will include a vendor lists with links to their shop’s website or Instagram. There will also be a convention floor layout provided. 

Smart Reason #5

Vendor Party!

Friday night, after the vendor set up, there will be a party for vendors at the Hollander Hotel. The party will be from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. St. Pete Comic Con will provide entertainment and food. The location is within walking distance of the Coliseum and local hotels. Keep an eye out for more details.

Smart Reason #6

Ticket Prices!

Ticket prices are super affordable. Early bird tickets are only $20 for a single day, and $30 for the weekend. Once Early Bird tickets sales end, single day tickets go up to $25 and weekend passes go up to $50. 

Smart Reason # 7

We regularly check in on vendors (lead by Gwen-Stacy)

Last year, 100% of vendors said the con coordinator really cared about the vendors and their sales. For St. Pete Comic Con 2023, we want to continue that tradition by checking in often. 

Keep an eye out for Gwen-Stacy leading the way with Dewey Caruthers, the con organizer, and Chel Hampton, the con coordinator.